Sunday 19 July 2020

Yesterday's Visitors

In addition to the visit of Blue Bus Scania S574 TPW yesterday, another welcome surprise was the appearance of three coaches at Beach Coach Station as a sign towards some form of normality returning

The photos were taken by 'Reg Vardy' with the first showing Falcon Coaches Scania Interlink YT19 ECC operating an Enfieldian Tours trip to the town. Their website also shows a tour to Southwold towards the end of the month.

The last picture features Mil-Ken Travel's AM11 KEN alongside Sunfun's Y19 CCB. The former was new as YN11 AXK to Logan of Dunloy, Ballymena whilst the latter was new to Sunfun as WA68 FAA

Encouraging to see the presence of coaches there and my thanks to 'Reg' for the two photos


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