Friday 22 May 2015

Big Weekend Moves Updated

Radio 1's Big Weekend takes place this weekend in Norwich, with extra vehicles being required for Park & Ride and shuttle services First are drafting in extra vehicles from other depots to cover the services. Yarmouth Volvo B9's 37574,37575 & 37576 have so far made the move city bound along with Lowestoft 37571. Ipswich are supplying ALX400's 32655/32656 and Heritage liveried 32479.

On my way home this evening from Lowestoft on the A12 i noted Norwich Based Volvo B9's 36176 on the X1 and 36178 on the 1's heading to the suffolk town.

I can now confirm that Norwich vehicles 36170,36176,36178,36179,36180 and 66335 are on loan to Yarmouth. The reason for the changes is due to the fuel tank capacity on Yarmouth's own B9's being larger than the Norwich ones and they are also being used on Monday to take Norwich supporters to Wembley Stadium so the Norwich vehicles will remain at Yarmouth until Tuesday.

36170 working the 1 to Martham on Saturday Morning in Ormesby

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