Friday 29 May 2015

Commuter Express Update

Further to Thursday's post on the Commuter Express, I received an email from David Burdett correction my assumptions on the use of this bus
He writes:-
Good to see the piece on the blog about LH 930 today. It was actually painted up as the 'Commuter Express' for a service which we started up in North Norfolk in the early eighties between Holt and Norwich. Fitted with coach type seats and giving out daily newspapers, it ran via the main road to Norwich once a day in each direction. I frequently drove this service with the LH although other types also appeared from time to time. You could not find a worse road to put an LH on, and I think that it probably spent more time airborne than attached to the road surface!! The service was worked by Cromer depot with the bus running dead to and from Holt each day. In later days, the LH spent much time on local routes around Cromer and North Walsham, and even managed some main road services as well before transfer away. One of my favourite buses of the time.
David Burdett.

Many thanks for putting me straight on that one David which has filled a gap in my records

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