Friday 8 May 2015

Swift's New 6A Service

As alluded to previously on the blog, Anglianbus has ceased operating its Hemsby to James Paget Hospital route, via Cobholm, having been partly replaced by Konect's 71 service

Another section, between Great Yarmouth's Market Gates and Cobholm, also began as the 6A earlier this week and I thought I would look in to see what Swift Taxis was using to operate the service

I doubted whether it would be a full size coach but guessed it might be one of the company's minibuses. I waited at the Tyrells Road terminus in Cobholm well before the appointed time of 10:00am.

Swift Taxis new 6A service at the Tyrells Road terminus in Cobholm
At least I thought it was the terminus but there was no bus stop flag and no bus stop designation on the road. Come to that, there was no mention of the service on Swift's website either! I had obtained my information from the Traveline website

Ten minutes before the off, one of Swift's larger taxis arrived in the shape of Peugeot SF14DYP. I had a quick word with the driver who acknowledged that he was indeed operating the 6A, though the displayed sign wasn't easily viewed from the front

He confirmed that loadings were low and questioned how long the service would continue. However, one customer arrived just before departure with at least another being picked up on the way

Today, it's eight minute journey to town was delayed somewhat by a small flotilla of yachts passing through the open Haven Bridge. The return leaves Market Gates just after midday


  1. Hi, how far into Cobham does this go mate? My nan wants to go towards Tesco/M&S :P and I'm not sure how close to them it stops.

  2. In answer to your question not very near unless she is quite fit and it only operates one outward and return trip Mondays to Fridays
    The 6A starts at Tyrells Road in Cobholm and travels outwards via Mill Road, Saw Mill Lane and Steam Mill Lane and then over the Haven Bridge on the usual route to Market Gates. The return is via Mill Road to Tyrells Road. Follow the link to the Traveline Map below