Tuesday 5 May 2015

Yarmouth Latest

A quick update on Caister Road happenings sees ALX400's 32058 & 32063 returning home from refurbishment at Rotherham last week, both are currently undergoing prep work before returning to traffic. 32059 and 30888 have both headed North for their refurbishment work to commence.
32061 & 32063 sit at the back of Caister Road 
Lowestoft's 30900 is currently here for MOT as is Norwich Gemini 36175 which has seen use here on Bernard Matthews work and was noted working an early morning 1 service to the JPH this morning.



  1. 36175 formed the 881 this afternoon too :-)

  2. Thanks Harry, I saw it heading into the distance on Brasenose Avenue on the 881 too, but too far away to identify it