Wednesday 13 May 2015

International Links!

As part of preparing any blog, it is interesting to receive feedback and this can be reflected in the statistical information gathered on page views, audience origins and referring sites etc
It is always interesting to see which countries the pages are being viewed from. As to be expected, the majority of the views are from the United Kingdom and the United States. Imagine my surprise when I looked at the daily visitors and found Cape Verde and Brazil among them

Many thanks to the visitor(s) from Cape Verde for viewing our site. However, the inbox this morning contained an email from OneBus Fotos de Ônibus

'We would like to join the list of interesting sites on your page. Already added your link on our page for partnership. We are a Brazilian blog.

Thank you.


Equipe OneBus | Desde 2012

I looked at the site this morning and found that the blog was initially established in 2010. Three years later it gained contributor Matthew Adler providing posts and numerous changes of his own. From what I can see, it is mainly used to publish photos of buses operating in that country. It also has links to other sites including eastnorfolkbus!

Thanks for the contact and the link to our website

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  1. Its all go isn't it America Brazil blimey thats a long old haul still I'm game for a road trip ! Just shows how international the hobby is