Friday 10 July 2015

Church Road Diverts Again!

Church Road in Gorleston continues to be used for diversions this morning resulting in no buses serving the High Street. This is due to emergency road repairs needing to be undertaken in Church Lane

Enviro400 YX63LKG on the X1 service at the temporary stop in Church Lane
In addition to First routes 2, 5, 6, 7, 8 and X1 being on divert, Anglian's 61 and 7 services are also affected. National Express and other operators are also experiencing the changes

The National Express 491 service to London was rerouted via Church Road and Middleton Road
I had hoped to get my first picture of heritage liveried 32059 this morning as the ALX400 was planned for use on the 8's today. Unfortunately that didn't happen, although I did managed to get a picture of Olympian 34108 W435CWX on the same route instead

Olympian W435CWX heads for the James Paget Hospital on its Church Road diversion
I had been led to believe that the 'Olys' were on their way out (yet again!) as some were suffering gearbox problems. Therefore, I considered myself fortunate it getting a picture of recently resurrected 34108. However, they still seem to soldier on with 34111 and 34114 also being reported as active in the past few days


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