Monday 27 July 2015

Monday in the City

I Finally managed to get up to Norwich this morning to catch up with all the recent repaints, loan buses and new arrivals here and there. A very sucessful day was had with the camera, the weather held out allowing for some good photos
66977 in Castle Meadow.

Former Ipswich B7RLE 66977 KX05MHA was on my list and it was duly captured working the 37 in Castle Meadow with its new Purple front. All recent repaints were noted out and about including the controversial 42921 EU05AUN which caused some raised eyebrows regarding its repaint as it was done in house rather than by a contractor and the style of it, it was working the 29A today. Both South Yorkshire loanee Volvo B10BLE's that came via Yarmouth, 60818 & 60622 were noted in use, 60818 on the 29A whilst 60622 was on the 22's.
42921 sits waiting its next driver in Castle Meadow
An unusual sight today was Simonds using Alexander ALX300 bodied Dart MSU916 on their 1 service,            I know it has appeared on the route previously but nevertheless a break from the normal vehicles seen. MSU916 was originally registered R239KRG, new to Stagecoach Busways, the batch then passed to Ensign from where it was purchased by Simonds.
ALX300 bodied MSU916 heads out of Castle Meadow.

The last of Sanders 'Musketeers' Porthos YN06JWP i needed was also noted along with another May arrival DAF YJ10DJU,both were working the X44 Express service today. A couple more photos below to finish off with, a very productive day was had catching up with the latest goings on in the city
Driver Trainer 60808 S659RNA 

Refurbished 32100 sits alongside one of the Go Dragons on Castle Meadow.

Too many photos to post on the blog so i will be uploading more to my Flickr site in due course.


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