Wednesday 1 July 2015

Showground Specials

Today was the first day of the Royal Norfolk Show with First providing a direct link to the event via its service 100

My first photo of the day was of former First Ipswich 66981 KX05WHA now in Norwich Purple line colours
I headed over to the fine city this morning to witness the 'goings on' and first looked in at the Rail Station site at Thorpe but unfortunately nothing out of the usual was taking place. I decided not to walk to the city centre but to catch a bus just as Gemini 36167 BD11CFM was about to depart on the 25 route

My first sighting of the 100 service was that of Routemaster JJD480D looking very smart in the sunshine at its St Stephen's Street stand

I was then unexpectedly surprised by First's other Routemaster, NML623E, heading in the opposite direction along St Stephens but a quick sprint enabled me to get a photo

The new breed also contributed to the 100 workings and to prove my point Gemini 36180 BD11CDZ was next on the stand for the Royal Norfolk Show. Some of the 'new' StreetLites also worked the service at around lunchtime

I was then passed by a couple of Konectbus deckers on the 4 to the Showground which almost caught me unaware and hence the hastily taken photo

Finally, heritage liveried Transbus ALX400 AU53HJV was the next to appear and also looked good in its Eastern Counties colours wearing fleetnumber VA479

Having completed my haul (and wanting to get away from the hot city centre) I travelled back to the station on Green Line's Wright Eclipse 66342 MV02VCU with a very friendly lady driver in charge


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