Friday 17 July 2015

Latest First Updates

A few things to report from First to round the week off. Rotherham moves this week include 32100 LT02ZCJ returning to Norwich after seating tests and sister Turquoise line vehicle 33167 LR02LYF has headed North in its place.
33167 LR02LYF in Castle Meadow earlier this year

Also currently at Midland Road are 32203 LT52WTJ for internal refurb and 33152 LR02LXL for refurb and repaint into the new Purple line livery.
32203 in Castle Meadow
After a brief conversation with Chris Speed yesterday i was informed that the current Route coloured repaints will now have the rear painted back into the standard livery as the Ipswich vehicles were treated meaning they will lose the coloured centre stripe.

Rounding up the Rotherham situation, 20514 remains there having internal refurbishment whilst 30888 is being transformed into Lowestoft Corporation Heritage colours.

Back here and Alpha Recovery have collected Olympian 34156 from Gorleston Fire Station and Dart 43481(R481DPW) from Lowestoft both for scrap. Olympians 34186 & 34109 are both now confirmed as Reserve/Withdrawn at Yarmouth.



  1. 32100 was back on Tuesday, unsure if it has the new interior though - I am assuming it is. Are there still two Lowestoft buses on loan to Yarmouth?

  2. Good post there sir I did say the other day I think the "Ollidays" are coming to an end slowly. Shame of course but unfortunately business is business just hope they don't stick yarmouth with the First Cornwall rubbish

  3. Didn't even realise 43481 was withdrawn! Has 43478 been scrapped yet? Thanks

  4. 30889 & 37572 been noted this week at Yarmouth but changes seem frequent at the moment so depends on engineering requirements i expect

  5. 43481 was withdrawn a while ago Sam, 43478 was withdrawn in 2014 so i would guess it is no more