Sunday 19 July 2015

LL in Filby

Earlier this month I reported that preserved Eastern Counties Bristol L single deck LL 711 KNG711 would be operating a 'free to ride' bus service in the village of Filby over this weekend

The village was hosting an 'open gardens' event and the Eastern Coach Works bodied bus was operated on a basic hourly frequency between 10am and 4:45pm each day

I caught up with the LL earlier this afternoon parked up outside the village hall and playing field in between runs. Despite trying to eat his lunch, owner Patrick Burnside, and his conductor for the day John Laycock, still managed time for a chat!

Since I last saw KNG711, it has received exterior period adverts! Pat took her to Signs Express of Norwich earlier this week to have the newly made adverts applied to both sides of the vehicle. Pat says 'I'm sure you will agree that the application of these superbly well produced period adverts truly enhance the bus's character'

I would certainly agree Pat and thanks for sparing your time and hope you didn't end up with indigestion!



  1. What is it about half cabs,it doesn't matter where you park them,they always look the part,super photo,thanks for sharing.

    1. Pleasure to do so Jim and have had a few favourable comments on the photo too