Sunday 7 May 2017

Ambassador Travel New Arrival

Had a drive over to Gapton Hall this morning so decided to have a quick look in at Ambassadors Depot to see what was around and i was greeted with a new arrival parked in the yard, i was unable to phtograph it properly although with the help of my camera zoom i could get a positive identification. The vehicle in question is a Volvo B11R with Sunsundegui bodywork BV17CUA. It carries fleet number 256.

BV17CUA pictured on May 2nd on a tour in Salisbury (Dave 58282)
The last two arrivals for touring work were also on site and parked opposite the main yard, ideal for some nice photographs.

YN16UAF/UAG enjoying a Sunday off.

Many Thanks to Dave 58282 on Flickr for use of his photo.


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