Monday 22 May 2017

Shearings 2017 Intake

The June issue of Buses magazine reports that twenty-nine Mercedes Benz Tourismos are in the course of delivery to Shearings Holidays

I was fortunate in seeing a couple of them yesterday at Shearings' base at Corley Services just off the M6 motorway immediately south of Birmingham. I was unaware that this facility existed and was able to observe another four vehicles that were also present.

The 2017 registered vehicles noted were 928 BN17JUX and 914 BN17JTY whilst Setras 203 BK10EJD, 228 BF10VCY, 301 BK11GJE and 639 BT63GCZ were also on site.

For the record the complete intake is numbered 901-929 and are registered BN17JRU/V/X/Z, JSU/V/X-Z, JUA/C/E/F/H/J/K/O/T-Y respectively.


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