Thursday 4 May 2017

First Vehicle Activity

For those who don't access Facebook, or are not members of the various groups, here is a quick update on local First Group vehicle activity.

SN62AUK in Gorleston High Street
yesterday on the 6 to Bradwell
As you will have seen from yesterday's post, former First Borders Enviro300 67763 SN62AUK has entered service complete with First Great Yarmouth branding. This has caused a little bit of a 'discussion' on social media considering it is on loan prior to possible use on Ipswich Park & Ride.

Other ex Scottish Enviro300s (SN62AUC/AXH/K/O) are also here together with hitherto unused Geminis 37141/2 SN57HDA/C which have remained untouched since their arrival. All are expected to be prepared for service in the near future.

BF12KXV currently having a repaint
Caister Road has received Lowestoft's ALX400 30900 W774DWX on loan which was noted on service 2 between Market Gates and Barrack Estate yesterday. On the minus side Volvo B9/Wright Eclipse Gemini 36182 BF12KXV has joined 36181 BF12KXU at Simon Morris in Ipswich for a repaint prior to use on Norwich's charcoal line. A couple of Great Yarmouth StreetLites are also expected to receive similar treatment.

Talking of StreetLites, First Lowestoft has Norwich's 47508 SN64CRK on loan at present.

Stop Press
A sixth Enviro300 arrived at Caister Road from Scotland around lunchtime today in the form of 67752 SN62APF


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