Wednesday 24 May 2017

Wednesday Wonderings

After my 'taxi' run this morning I continued to Great Yarmouth to see what was about on the seafront and at Beach Coach Station.

Marine Parade, outside the SeaLife Centre, was host to three coaches; the regular National Holidays Mercedes Benz Tourismo NH15LDH plus similar Rambler Coaches UK15RAM and Olympia Travel's Volvo B9R L16WHY.

Included in the nonet at Beach Coach Station were two further National Holidays' coaches. They were both Tourismos - NH16FEH and, my first sighting of the operator's 17 registered vehicles, NH17JFH. For those interested, the fourteen 2017 deliveries are registered NH17BFH-HFH/JFH-NFH, PFH and RFH.

Among the other tourers were Shearings' Setra 516 BU13ZTH and Alfa Travel's Tourismos 88 BX14OMO and 78 BU13ZTY. GeeVee Travel's all white Bova WA54ECX was also present.


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