Wednesday 17 May 2017

Great Yarmouth Round Up

A quick visit to Great Yarmouth town centre today and there are some observations to report.

I firstly looked in at Beach Coach Station which had eleven coaches on site - three of them were from the National Holidays fleet. They were Mercedes_Benz Tourismos NH15ECH and the regular NH15LDH plus Setra NH14HBH.

Other short stayers present included Shearings Holidays' Setra 632 BG63VVN plus Alfa Travel's Tourismo 84 BX14LCN.

A notable visitor from Ipswich was Angus Coaches' Setra L600ACT with the 'Great Yarmouth Fish & Chip Tour' as it referred to on the front windscreen!

Finally, I passed Market Gates where I observed First Eastern Counties open top Dennis Trident/ Plaxton President 32905 W905VLN being gainfully employed on service 2 to the Barrack Estate.


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