Wednesday 10 May 2017

Charcoal Lines Ready To Roll

Today saw the finishing touches being added to the four ex Great Yarmouth vehicles bound for Norwich and the new Charcoal line route between the city and Poringland & Bungay. Volvo B9TL Geminis 36181/36182 and Streetlites 47505/47506 have all been repainted at Simon Morris in Ipswich and today saw the finishing touches added and the branding completed.

36182 at Foundation Street this afternoon

47505 showing off its new look and branding
The new vehicles will begin use on the route from Monday 15th, this will see the existing Enviro 200's return to Ipswich. Two Volvo B7RLE are expected to leave Ipswich and move down to Lowestoft, 66850 MX05CHD has already made the move and was noted at work on the 99 service this afternoon minus its Ipswich fleetnames. Another arrival noted in Lowestoft today was Enviro 300 67752 SN62APF, this arrived at Yarmouth a few days ago and is expected to head for Ipswich in due course.

Enviro 300 67776 SN62AXU is now at Simon Morris for repaint into the new Park and Ride livery joining Norwich Volvo B7L 60916 YG02DKU which is to be repainted into Eastern Counties Red livery also worn by 32479 at Ipswich.

Many thanks to David Warren for the Photos and to First for all the latest updates.



  1. Don't you get the feeling that Norwich is more important to FEC than anywhere else? Yarmouth and Lowestoft continue to be the dumping grounds and Ipswich isn't much better, when did they last get a new bus?

  2. I seem to get that impression Hamser, although Great Yarmouth did get six brand new StreetLites in 2014. Two (including 47505 above) have just moved to Norwich for use on the charcoal line though.