Tuesday 2 May 2017

Today's Tourers

An early visit to Great Yarmouth this morning enabled me to do a quick sweep of the usual haunts to discover what 'tourers' were around today,

Shearings Tourismo BF16XOO and National Holidays Setra NH13EWH at a dull Beach Coach Station this morning
The three coaches at Beach Coach Station were all being used on short breaks - two from National Holidays and one from Shearings Holidays. Representing the first named were Setras NH13EWH and NH13MWH - the latter last seen on London's Embankment in December 2015. Shearings was employing Mercedes Tourismo 846 BF16XOO in the latest Grand Tourer livery.

Outside the Royal Hotel on Marine Parade was National Holidays Mercedes Benz Tourismo NH15LDH, a regular visitor to the town.


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