Tuesday 16 May 2017

Bluestar Citaros At Anglian

Go South Coast Bluestar liveried Mercedes-Benz Citaro O530s began arriving at Anglian's Ellough base during yesterday evening.

They are at Anglianbus on loan with at least one, HX06EZJ, entering service today having been noted in use at Norwich Bus Station. It is one of thirteen expected to be supplied to the Beccles operator with the remainder expecting to arrive at the rate of about four a day.

Already observed at Ellough, in addition to the aforementioned HX06EZJ, are Go South Coast's 2412-4 (HF55JZM-O) with this trio still retaining their fleet numbers. A further two have also arrived on site.

Most of them were placed in reserve by Go South Coast  from January this year.

The interiors very much reflect the vehicles' Bluestar branding as the accompanying photo show with the seating primarily blue.

My thanks goes to Tim Miller for the information and the photos used to illustrate this report


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