Thursday 4 May 2017

#TBT Throw Back Thursday ~ Horn Hill, Lowestoft

On this Star Wars Day we look to the past and not the future. Today's Throw Back Thursday subject is the Horn Hill premises of the then Lowestoft based Belle Coaches.

The photo was taken on 28th January 1995 and features a line up of Bedfords. Left to right are OYV703R, OJI4627, E83DRY, NPV309W, JFA450V, YYL795T and EGV719T.

I don't intend to provide a complete history of each coach but the following details are provided:
♦  OYV703R is a Duple bodied Bedford YMT new to World Wide Travel of London in September 1976.
♦  OJI4627 is a Duple Dominant bodied Bedford YNT and I am at present unable to discover its original registration.
♦  E83DRY is Duple bodied Bedford YNV new to Classic Coaches (an associate of Belles Coaches) in August 1987.
♦  NPV309W another Duple bodied Bedford YMT new to Claireaux of Hadleigh in August 1980.
♦  JFA450V is a Plaxton bodied YNT new to Smallwood of Stoke in October 1979.
♦  YYL795T is a former Grey Green Duple bodied Bedford YLQ - new in May 1979.
♦  EGV719T is a third Bedford YMT with a Plaxton body new to Classic Coaches in March 1979.

The operator, also based at Leiston, has recently taken delivery of a brand new 53 seat Scania for its Just Go franchise.


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  1. Happy memories of a school trip to Cornwall onboard E83DRY, would have been way back in 1992.