Friday 5 May 2017

More First Movements

37579 when its was originally based at
Great Yarmouth in August 2015
After a short period of stability, First continues to move around its vehicles at local depots.

The first to report is the return of loanee ALX400 30900 W774DWX to its home depot of Lowestoft. Going the other way on loan to Caister Road is Gemini 37579 AU58EDK.

Meanwhile, First Great Yarmouth StreetLites 47505/6 SN64CPZ/CRF are travelling down to Simon Morris at Ipswich today for the application of their Norwich Charcoal line livery. One of the former's last use as a Great Yarmouth vehicle was on the 8 between the James Paget Hospital and Caister's Second Avenue during yesterday evening.

Finally, confirmation on the arrival of a sixth ex First Borders Enviro300, 67752 SN62APF at Caister Road, just after lunchtime yesterday.

Norwich's Gemini 36199 BN12WNZ has also seen use on Great Yarmouth's 8 route this morning

My thanks to Ryan Durrant for the use of the photo of 67752 and to Grahame Bessey


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