Saturday 2 May 2020

Ensign In April

Ross Newman has published the latest information concerning the comings and goings at Ensign's Purfleet premises during April. As expected there was reduced activity regarding vehicle movements this month due to obvious reasons.

First Eastern Counties contributed to the small number of in-comings with Volvo B7TLs 32065 W425SRP and 32212 LT52WTV arriving from Caister Road in late April. Ensign lost no time in dispatching them to Shelton Motors for scrap before the month was out. 

Also making their last journey to Shelton Motors were former First Great Yarmouth Volvos 32061-4 W221XBD, W422SRP, W223XBD and W224XBD. 32063 was originally advertised for sale so its disposal indicates there was no takers. Ex First Lowestoft B7TLs 30900/1 W774/56DWX also made the same one way journey to Cambridgeshire.


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